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Katch is the only software platform that enables brands to engage and monetize every buyer who comes to their website – even those that don’t transact.

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More than 97% of website visitors don’t transact.*

Use Katch to set up real-time, invitation-only exchanges where advertisers can target and bid on your in-market website visitors as they shop, ensuring that no buyer is left behind.

*Monetate, EQ3 2014

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Real-time Bidding

Top Dollar for your Buyers

Katch enables you to see, in real-time, how much advertisers are paying for clicks, calls, and leads from your shoppers. Open bidding ensures you’re maximizing the value of each website visitor.

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Your Media. Your Advertisers. Your Reports.

Easy-to-use reporting features empower you to quickly analyze the performance of your advertisers and campaigns.

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Multivariate Testing

Optimize your ad creatives and Targeting

Testing allows you – and your advertisers – to compare what’s driving engagement with what’s not, so you can both improve your outcomes.

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Easily create ads that engage every buyer on your site

Katch’s user-friendly integration tools make it simple and straightforward for your advertisers to build ad creatives, and for you to then implement them into your website.

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Efficient Workflow

Spend Less Time Maintaining and More time Optimizing

Bulk actions, automation, and notifications enable you to manage all of your campaigns and accounts with efficiency.

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There’s No “One Size Fits All” Here

Katch allows for multiple types and instances of implementations on your website. This ensures you’re katching every one of your website’s visitors.

Simple Pricing

Just 50¢ a conversion

Testing allows you to compare what’s driving engagement with what’s not, so you can improve your outcomes.

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An Industry Standard

Brands across the web are increasing their revenue with Katch




Katch More Buyers

Learn how Katch can help engage and monetize every buyer on your website.

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