1 in 5 Marketers are Purely Focused on Clicks, and Not Targeting

A new study from content marketing management platform OneSpot polled more than 400 marketers to learn more about business’ content marketing strategies and objectives. 

One of the most interesting takeaways from our perspective is that even with major progress in big data and targeting technologies, 1 in 5 marketers still see web traffic and number of clicks as more important than actually targeting the right consumer. The problem with this mentality is that it’s inefficient. 

For example, say a marketer sees 1,000 clicks on their ad. Each click costs them $1. Of the 1,000 clicks, 700 are from people who either don’t have any intent to purchase the product, or don’t fit a certain set of parameters as an ideal customer (like living in a certain state if the product is insurance, for example). The marketer has just spent $700 that they will never see any return on.

But if the marketer used an advertising technology that had targeting and filtering features, much less of their ad spend would be wasted. They can use the tools to target individuals with certain characteristics (lives in California), and filter out those individuals that won’t fit the bill for a sale (lives in Georgia, etc.). They will see less clicks as a result, but they can be assured that each dollar is creating more value, and they’re wasting less of their ad spend.

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