Katch Case Study

In early 2017, a top-five auto insurance carrier came to Katch with the goal of targeting a specific slice of the market. The target audience would have the following characteristics:

  • Currently insured
  • Older than 35, but less than 70 years of age
  • Prefers desktop to mobile
  • Owns a home

Internal research had shown the carrier that this audience drove higher policy values and longer persistency.

Challenges to overcome:

  • The nature of the preferred market is more exclusive and highly desirable by other partners as well.
  • Increased competition amongst this audience drives prices higher than average.
  • Consumers bind offline about 72% of the time, and therefore policies written feedback takes about 6 weeks to mature to 90%.

Solution we provided:

  • Katch’s ownership of over 75% of the traffic delivered through its platform provided a distinct advantage.
    • 55% of traffic completes a form allowing AIN to target the audience.
  • Action steps to implement solution:
    • Remove unknown and currently uninsured consumers from funnel.
    • Experiment with increasing bids on the target audience to ensure that the brand is shown in first or second position when all target attributes are present.
    • Monitor results from partner over the course of months to maintain CPA targets while increasing percentage of the target audience.


Conversion to bind improved from January