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big data illustration

Katch Up On: Big Data

Big data has allowed media to reach a pivotal point in achieving high levels of relevance and accuracy in targeting for advertising.

yield optimization

Katch Up On: Yield Optimization

Yield optimization allows advertisers to determine success of an advertisement, while allowing publishers to improve quality.

Real-time bidding

Katch Up On: Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding, in its simplest form, is a method is which media impressions are bought and sold between advertisers and publishers in an auction that occurs in real-time as a user is loading a website.

Can agencies and ad tech companies coexist?

With the rise of advertising technology and automation becoming a more prominent chunk of companies’ advertising budgets, the question of whether ad tech will put ad agencies out of business becomes more prominent too. But the other side hasn’t been explored as much; can ad tech companies compete with the integrated marketing expertise of an agency? […]

Optimize ad spend in 3 steps

3 Ways to Optimize Ad Spend

Marketers can take steps to ensure that they're not wasting their advertising budget. Here's how.

Why Real-Time Bidding Matters

Why Real-Time Bidding Matters

William Shatner may be best known for his portrayal as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, but I also like to think of him as the face of real-time bidding.

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